[20][21] McCain dove again and the Japanese ships continued in sonar-based pursuit. He later took the boat to the Pacific where he sank a Japanese destroyer and damaged additional enemy shipping. [65] In an unprecedented move, Johnson had considered candidates from outside the Navy, including U.S. Army General William Westmoreland, who was leaving as commander of Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV).
The engine quit while he was practicing landings. He led the 1965 U.S. invasion of the Dominican Republic.

She joins her husband Jack, her son John and daughter Sandy.”. His decorations include the Silver Star Medal, the Legion of Merit with Combat 'V' and one gold star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star Medal with Combat 'V' and two gold stars, and the Purple Heart Medal with one gold star. "[7] McCain liked to confer with enlisted men and get their opinions. [9] McCain was suspended five days for leaving ship without permission. John S. McCain III: A Brief Navy Biography. [1][56] At the change of command ceremony for the Eastern Sea Frontier post, held on his father's old flagship USS Wasp, McCain was awarded a gold star in lieu of a third Legion of Merit for his work during the U.N. "[84] The operation ended in failure. “We were all basically on the same side of the fence,” Joe McCain said. Naval Forces, Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR), became a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, commander of Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), Korean Order of National Security Merit First Class, List of United States Navy four-star admirals, http://www.mccain.navy.mil/Site%20Pages/namesake3.aspx, "A Turbulent Youth Under a Strong Father's Shadow", http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/30/AR2008083001786_pf.html, "Adm. John S. McCain Jr. [8] McCain published a January 1949 article in United States Naval Institute Proceedings that examined the training challenges the Navy faced in the nuclear era. “They said she was too old, so she bought one and drove around France.”. His torturer, known as Cat, singled him out for what was probably the harshest sustained persecution of any prisoner at the Plantation.

[74][75] Kissinger would subsequently tell another admiral, "We have to be careful about having McCain around the president too much, because he fires up the president. McCain had amazing resilience. [2][8] From 1938 to 1940, he returned to the Naval Academy for a stint of teaching electrical engineering to midshipmen. [4] For much of his final year there, he was banished from Bancroft Hall, the normal residence for midshipmen, and forced instead to live on the barracks ship Reina Mercedes.

[5] He developed a problem with alcoholism during his career, and cut back on his drinking so that it did not interfere with his ability to command or show up on fitness reports, although he occasionally suffered lapses.

[81] Lon Nol's gratitude towards McCain continued, including the gift of an elephant (soon named "Cincpachyderm") too large to transport on McCain's DC-6.[82]. See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. [88] There was no ceremony, as it would have been redundant after the one that took place two months earlier in Hawaii; as one associate said, "He just didn't come to work today. [4] His family's history of military service extended beyond his father—his paternal uncle was U.S. Army Brigadier General William Alexander McCain. [90] For the next two months, McCain served as special assistant to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr.[38], Kissinger would later characterize McCain's approach to the Vietnam War by saying, "He fought for the victory that his instinct and upbringing demanded and that political reality forbade. The Daily Wire is one of America’s fastest-growing conservative media companies and counter-cultural outlets for news, opinion, and entertainment. He held several command assignments during the Pacific campaign of World War II. John III’s entire naval career was shaped and influenced by these two great men. Naval Forces, Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR), stationed in London. [8] He later said of this position, "The lads learned soon enough never to try to hoodwink an old hoodwinker. John credited Roberta with giving him his resilience in adversity and his joy in living, writing of her, “Her delight is infectious, and becomes in her company, yours. Her family and many friends grieve her loss, but we will treasure her memory all our lives. Thank you for teaching us all about living life on your own terms with grit, conviction, intensity and love. "[4], By fall 1970, McCain worried that Kissinger's plan for extensive commitment of South Vietnamese troops to preserve the Cambodian regime would endanger the progress of Vietnamization. My mother-in-law, Roberta Wright McCain, died in her Washington home a little after one o’clock eastern time this afternoon. He tried to attack the same carrier over the next four days, but could place his boat no closer than 5 nautical miles (9.3 km). Senior U.S. Navy commanders pose around an illuminated globe in 1968: Admirals John J. Hyland, McCain, Chief of Naval Operations Thomas H. Moorer, and Ephraim P. Holmes. Because of his injuries his likelihood of promotion to flag officer was low, so he opted instead to retire from the Navy in 1981 at the rank of captain. John S. McCain died four days after VJ Day of war-related stress. He was a stalwart supporter of President Richard Nixon's policy of Vietnamization. You also agree to our Terms of Service. He was then transported to another jail known as the Plantation and put in a cell with two Air Force majors: George “Bud” Day and Norris Overly. The elder McCain, who had the nickname “Slew,” was a four-star admiral in the U.S. Navy. Time and again, he endured abuse only to bounce back again to focus on cheering up his fellow POWs with cryptic communications using the tap code. — Cindy McCain (@cindymccain) October 12, 2020, “I love you Nana,” wrote granddaughter Meghan McCain, who had her first child last month. Follow here for live updates. In July 1944, he was detached for a brief return to New London. [2][3] He was called "Jack" by his family,[2] although he would also be called "Junior" by others, which he preferred less. In addition to his Silver and Bronze Stars, McCain's actions in the war earned him two letters of commendation. "[88], McCain visited the White House in 1975 and discussed naval preparedness issues with President Gerald Ford. However, there would be no early releases, no appearances for propaganda, and any flexibility or freelancing would be subordinated to the need for unity and discipline.

[4][54] He gave regular speeches on the subject with an increasing fervor, and worked with his large number of political contacts in what some saw as an effort to get a final promotion. By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. While still a junior at the University of Southern California in 1933, Roberta eloped at age 20 with Adm. John S. McCain Jr., the son of the famous Adm. John S. McCain Sr., who commanded forces in the Pacific theater of World War II. His father, John S. McCain Sr., was a junior officer on the armored cruiser USS Washington and was away at sea at the time and his mother, the former Catherine Davey Vaulx, was traveling cross-country to visit with her sister. We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. [36][94][95] He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on March 27, 1981. [80] He sided with Kissinger and the Joint Chiefs of Staff as they prevailed over the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia and U.S. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird in adopting a militarization of American policy with regard to that country.
Shootdown, 26 October 1967: Of the more than 9,000 SA-2 Guideline missiles fired between 1965 and 1972, fewer than two percent brought down aircraft. John Sidney "Slew" McCain Sr. (August 9, 1884 – September 6, 1945) was a United States Navy admiral. [18], After the refit, Gunnel was ordered to the Pacific Fleet, and in June 1943, went on patrol in the East China and Yellow Seas. [38] The U.N. post was considered to be a career dead-end, but McCain looked to his political contacts to keep his career going. [57][58] As the Vietnam War escalated, McCain was a strong advocate for bringing Iowa-class battleships out of the United States Navy reserve fleets in order to support shore bombardment missions. [8] Each year while Jack McCain was CINCPAC, he paid a Christmastime visit to the American troops in South Vietnam serving closest to the DMZ; he would stand alone and look north, to be as close to his son as he could get. Grandfather: Admiral John S. “Slew” McCain Sr. was born in 1884 and graduated from USNA in 1906. Unfortunately, his first marriage did not survive Vietnam, an outcome he blames entirely on himself. [1][39] McCain was also a member of the Cosmos Club, Army and Navy Club, and the Chevy Chase Club, all in the D.C. area, and was a 33rd degree mason.

[53] One superior wrote that: "There is only one Jack McCain! McCain, Jr., John S. (January 1963). newsletter, Police questioning person in shooting death of pregnant woman whose baby was delivered, Lane football field would be named for 1912 grad who was 1st Black QB, coach in NFL under alumni proposal, 2 men face charges in fatal shooting outside Melrose Park bar, Half of U.S. states now on Chicago’s travel advisory list (LIVE UPDATES), Vote to protect the Affordable Care Act and my health, Bears need soon-to-be-released RB Le’Veon Bell to boost sputtering run game, Star-studded ‘Drop Dead Drag Pageant’ set for Lakeshore Drive-In live show. [26], John S. "Slew" McCain, Sr. and John S."Jack" McCain, Jr. on board a U.S. Navy ship in Tokyo Bay, September 2, 1945. [61] McCain's prominence made the downing of his son front page news. [1] His son, John S. McCain III, is a former naval aviator who was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam during McCain's time as CINCPAC, who retired with the rank of captain and then became a United States Senator and the 2008 Republican Party nominee for President of the United States. On 29 July 1967, stray voltage from a mobile engine starter triggered a Zuni rocket to launch from an F-4 waiting for takeoff on the deck of Forrestal (CV-59). [8] McCain managed to jump out of his cockpit ten feet into a fire. [4] As one biographical profile stated, "Few fathers and sons could have been more alike as adolescents than Jack McCain and John Sidney III: Youthful rebellion seemed encoded in their DNA. [7] The couple would have three children: Jean Alexandra "Sandy" McCain (born 1934), John Sidney McCain III (born 1936 at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone), and Joseph Pinckney McCain II (born 1942 at Naval Submarine Base New London). He was unable to approach closer than 15 nautical miles (28 km). He also became a principle officer in POW resistance operations at the Plantation. Dumped in an empty cell, he was interrogated for four days before his captors brought him to a hospital after learning that his father was a four-star admiral and CINCUSNAVEUR.

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