Business called, and I had to leave for a bit. Don't you like your cup of tea of a morning -
the one I bring you?
Stanley i can't drink this muck. ]
Get that drink out.

Turn yourself round a minute.

A resident.

Sit down, McCann, sit here where I can look at you.
[MCCANN kneels in front of the table. It was probably broken in the party. Pinter described his dramatic literature as an analysis of “the powerful and the powerless.” Though his earlier plays were exercises in absurdity, his later dramas became overtly political.

I've been offered a job, as a matter
of fact.
Meg What?
Stanley Yes. ]
Meg I don't know what to say.
Goldberg Look at him.

Everyone move about. How would you like to go away with
Lulu Where?
Stanley Nowhere. I think they're old friends.

I disinfected the place this morning.
Lulu (at the door.) Because I'm telling you, I'm telling you, follow my line? Well, I can take a tip...
any day of the week.
Tch, tch, tch. ]
McCann Out of our own pockets.
Goldberg It goes without saying. Eh, Mr Webber, what do you say? Up the street, into my gate, inside the door, home. " Brighton, Canvey Island,
Rottingdean - Uncle Barney wasn't particular.

Enter LULU.
Lulu Oh, hullo.
Stanley Ay-ay.
Lulu I just want to leave this in here.
Stanley Do.

Meg It still makes a noise.
Petey You can always get another one.
Meg [sadly.] Now-who's going to be blind first?
Lulu Mrs Boles.
Meg Not me.
Goldberg Of course you.
Meg Who, me?
Lulu [taking her scarf from her neck.] And when
the van stops they wheel it out, and they wheel it up the
garden path, and then they knock at the front door.
Meg They don't.
Stanley They're looking for someone.
Meg They're not.
Stanley They're looking for someone.
They were here when I came in.
Stanley What do they want here?
Meg They want to stay.
Stanley How long for?
Meg They didn't say.
Stanley (turning.) He ushers in STANLEY, who is dressed in a dark well cut suit and white collar. I've got a small private income, you see. [Offering his hand.]

A night club. You clink my glass.
Lulu [to GOLDBERG.] [MCCANN goes to the door. What are you complaining about?
[Enter MCCANN quickly. Over there.
[GOLDBERG and MCCANN move up left of the table. I knelt down.

Then I started a little private business, in a small way, and it compelled me to come down here- kept me longer than I expected. Now-who's going to propose the toast? MCCANN leans forward.
McCann Hey nat, just one thing...
Goldberg What now?
McCann This job - no, listen - this job, is it going to be like
anything we've ever done before?
Goldberg Tch, tch, tch.
McCann No, just tell me that. I have stood up.
McCann Sit down again!
Goldberg Once I'm up I'm up.
Stanley Same here.
McCann [moving to STANLEY.]

What a life.

[Pause. Don't worry yourself.
Petey [dubiously.] A little constitutional. [STANLEY takes them.] If you’re not booking work as an actor make sure you are working on scenes regularly. He drinks it looking through the hatch.

A second-rate though commercially lucrative writer, Casey represents one of the most powerful betrayals in the play. Never write down a thing. I
mean, what do you do, just sit around the house like this all
day long? A key motif of the play is introduced, the recurring image of Jerry throwing Emma and Robert’s daughter, Charlotte, up in the air and catching her. )
Stanley Shall I put it round my neck?
She watches him, uncertainly. (STANLEY eats. Just a question, that's all, just a question, do you see, do you follow me?
Goldberg [jerking him away.] When was it? He'll be up and about in next to no time.

When are you going to
play the piano again? Respected by the whole community.

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