DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2016.

Johnson, nicknamed LBJ, was the President of the United States as of 1967. Mr. Parker (Erik Gow) starts story time and Sara sends him to take a walk around the block. 11 days ago. Johnson became the President of the United States. Sara and Ava hug.

There’s a door and Zari wonders what’s behind it, but Nate and Behrad haven’t noticed it before. Charlie says that the Legends can’t rebel or they’ll inspire an insurrection. Sara wants to blow up the Gromulans, but Ava wants to talk with them. They find themselves back in Highcastle Abbey at Christmas time. Zari admits that she doesn’t have a plan and figures that if they remember that they’re the Legends that they can help her out.

Ava figures that Charlie hid them on TV to protect her from her sisters and Astra wonders if the Loom brought her mother Natalie back. The Legends suddenly remember who they are and that Sara died when the zombies overran them. share. The two women hug and Constantine tells Astra that they can stay.

Ms. Sinclair is the ex-fiancée of Mr. Dockerty and the lover of Ellen, her family's scullery maid. Zari, Nate and Behrad tell the masses to get off their couches and take control of their lives. Charlie says that her sisters will kill them and that the Legends should accept their fates. Sophia Johnson: guitarist vocalist and songwriter. She points out that he ruined the place and her boss is going to be there any minute. She figures that they’re stuck in a sitcom and hears the studio audience laughing.

She tells her co-worker Geoffrey Burch (Manraj Sidhu) that the Fates gave them food, shelter and television. Sophia Johnson is a writer and actress from New Zealand. Sara figures that Charlie set the whole thing up because it’s what they asked for in the pub, but it doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, Mona and Gary go to Clothos Productions posing as mush-machine vendors. Mona notices that Zari said her name and wonders how she knows her.

He tries to kiss her, but Zari sees her new body in the mirror. Parker then tells the others that they all have to go home, snaps his fingers and Behrad and Zari sing along with Parker about obeying the Fates. Constantine begs them not to tell Natalie. Astra says that once she and Behrad marry he’ll inherit her family’s estate. Most of the crew are dead except Sara and Ava. save hide report. The two women figure it’s a trap, so Zari beams them over anyway and explains that they’re in an alternate reality. The crew then find themselves in the “Mr. Mona figures that the Gary on the street isn’t as crazy as he seems. Then, the screen goes blank. Login, Copyright © Starry Constellation Magazine, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Freaks and Greeks. Unbeknownst to him, Johnson was the target of a plot by Gorilla Grodd, who intended to kill the President with Soviet land mines laid out as a trap on the road of the President's convoy. Zari figures that they fought the Fates and lost and were loomed there. Zari figures that they should make contact and everyone disagrees except Nate and Behrad, who push a button. When Astra insists on going with them, Constantine grabs her hand and they all vanish. Behrad says that he can’t go back to eating mush and the audience gasps. When Zari says that to screw the Fates the studio audience of the masses appear. A lust outbreak ensued, with Ms. Sinclair … 1.6k. Wait what? Nate (Nick Zano) comes in and talks about how he got an audition for a role on “Arrow” and accidentally shoots Behrad with a prop crossbow. She steps into her counterpart, Zari 2.0, and the two merge.

Mona and Gary go to Charlie, who tells them that one show is back on track and her story-writing algorithm should get the other shows back on, too. 89 comments. Johnson, nicknamed LBJ, was the President of the United States as of 1967. The other servants leave and Zari says that Constantine is a chain-smoking sorcerer with an apprentice named Gary. He insists that it’s no trick and that he has nothing to show for himself but pain and broken promises. She's that bride last season? TV-14. L.B. Astra explains that she’s moving to London because she’s a diva.

They’re Mr. Parker’s visitors, the Community Helpers. Ava (Jes Macallan) is the logical first officer. Her television career began at a young age when she starred as Loren Fitzpatrick on the famous soap opera Shortland Street. Johnson became the President of the United States. She figures that the other Zari deserves to be there.

Add a Biography. Natalie walks away. Parker echoes Charlie’s words about bad feelings and he tells them to repress them. Sara prepares to return fire.

Zari tells Constantine to find Sara (Caity Lotz), their captain. Sara figures that they have to get back to the real world and Ava says that she saw Sara die in the real world and it was awful. Zari blows the door open and comes out. Credits. Guest Star (1) No biography is available for So[phia Johnson. Zari offers to beam them over. They’re not on the list and Mona bluffs the security chief man, Lalo (Jarett John), into letting them pass. Constantine summons hellfire and threatens Parker. Johnson & Laird Management Johnson & Laird Management Mob: 021852288 Phone: 64 9 376 0882 info@johnsonlaird.co.nz. Overview; Activity; Recent Episodes; Actors; All episodes. She figures that they should just play along until she gets Constantine to snap out of it. He asks Zari what it’s doing and she notes that it’s never glowed before. Nate didn’t hear them. Mr. Parker comes back in and says that remembering two different timelines is very confusing and offers to help. Nate offers to push a button and Zari stops him, but Behrad pushes it instead. Constantine says he doesn’t know and Nate tells “his” Zari that he’s never going to lose her again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The totem starts to glow and Nate notices. See full bio » Atropos tells Geoffrey that his fate is destined to be ended and he collapses. Sara realizes that he’s not Mr. Parker. Natalie doesn’t. 5 Seasons; All comments. They open fire on the Fate-rider. Mr. Parker snaps his fingers and sends them back to the Fate-rider. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac” show. LMAO, More posts from the LegendsOfTomorrow community. As Mona and Gary watch, Mala reports to Sara that he’s picking up a strange signal.

1.6k. This episode was 4 YEARS ago. Behrad isn’t thrilled at marrying her and Zari excuses herself to go to the lavatory. Mona returns to her domicile, makes a bowl of mush and turns on the TV to Fate-Plus. Said pie was afterwards enjoyed by the Legends aboard the Waverider.[1]. Nate throws himself at Parker and finds himself back in “Ultimate Buds,” tackling the boss. Constantine takes Nate to the kitchen and Zari finds them there. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ms. Sinclair is the ex-fiancée of Mr. Dockerty and the lover of Ellen, her family's scullery maid. I thought it was a missed opportunity to have hot boss and the lead crew person to be someone from another random arrow verse show. Sophia Johnson is a writer and actress, known for Ash vs Evil Dead (2015), DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016) and Nancy Drew (2019). Mona and Gary head to the control room and find a device generating a script for “Star Trip.” There are life threads hooked up to the machine and Mona realizes that people are trapped in the show. Sophia Johnson Today at 6:25 AM After all the rain this week, the weather is going to be lovely this ... afternoon, so come and have a beer in the sunshine with us! Charlie figures that since she has their life threads she can do rewrites and put their shows back on the air. Zari confirms that he doesn’t remember them together. When Zari throws a bowl of mush at the camera, the trio find themselves in an empty studio with their teammates.

At some point prior to 1967 L.B. When Gary explains that they restored the Legends’ memories, Charlie tells him and Mona that they ruined everything. Zari figures that they fought the Fates and lost and were loomed there. Astra is engaged to marry Behrad. Johnson threatened that he and his men would "be on him like a duck on a june bug if they don't start moving again", when Jacks explained that the roadblock was rigged with mines. When Mona wonders why the Legends are on TV, Charlie explains that she made a deal with her sisters to keep the Legends alive by weaving the Legends into their streaming service to indoctrinate the masses. L.B. She portrayed a bride in the fourth season DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode " Séance and Sensibility " and Zari's boss in the fifth season episode " The One Where We're Trapped On TV ". In Bath 1802, Ms. Sinclair was about to marry Mr. Dockerty, but both were under the influence of the magic of Kamadeva's ashes. 55 Comments; All lists. Zari opens the window hoping it will allow them to escape, but there is nothing but hills. To show his personal thanks, Johnson gave Jefferson "top secret information"; a pie recipe courtesy of his wife, Bird Johnson.

Astra is surprised at Constantine’s selflessness and they slip back into their characters. Western Swing, Honky Tonk and Bluegrass Ameripolitan Western Swing female 2018. She splits one thread apart and the two Zari’s separate. Nate points out that the Fates said that they have to eat it. Ava says that they’ve been investigating an odd radio transmission from the planet Cul-De-Sac, even though the sector should be deserted. Mona Wu (Ramona Young) is rewriting history to eradicate free will.

A Tarot card that Constantine is holding bursts into magical flame. She figures that they’re stuck in a sitcom and hears the studio audience laughing. Despite that, the Legends walk out the studio door. She goes to the script-writing machine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro.

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