Kyrkvikens Familjecamping

About Resö

The island of Resö has about 200 year-round residents, which is multiplied several times during the summer season, given the islands fantastic location by the sea.

At Resö there is a local school, supermarket and guest harbor. During the summer Resö can aslo offer some shops, cafe and restaurant.

Koster Ocean National Park

Resö is one of five of the starting points for the new Koster Ocean National Park.

Visitors from all over the world gather and view the rich marine life.

Read more about Koster Ocean National Park on their website.

A lot to offer

Accept the grand environment on the island there is also:

Handlarn - The little store with the wide range.

Panget - Bakery in Resö harbour, app. 2 km walking distance from the campsite. Open during the summer.

Lexö - at Resö. Good food and varied entertainment in a very nice environment. The location is out of the ordinary, right by the sea. Open during the summer.

Several summer open shops with varying opening hours.

The Resö Shrimp

In the Guest Harbor you can buy the delicacies of the sea directly from the fishing boats.

What about pin-fresh shrimps or crayfish, fresh bread and a lovely drink right by the sea sitting on the cliff by the sea?